Our Story and Mission

Our Story

We are a Boston-based company founded by two women – mothers and teachers with an educational background in child and pedagogical psychology, finance and law – who have found it difficult to balance work and family life and have observed the same problem affecting our colleagues and friends over the years.

Does this sound familiar? Do you find that you would need 36 hours in one day to be able to bring your son or daughter to music lessons or soccer practice on time, help your younger kids with math homework and prepare the older ones for the upcoming SATs? If so, we can help!

Our common struggles inspired us to create 4Schoolers – a company that applies the principles of the sharing economy to help families find the right providers and manage their schedules. 4Schoolers is a network of parents who share the tasks of providing safe rides, tutoring, and backup babysitting in a way that fits into their lifestyles most efficiently. By joining our efforts, we are able to create a safe, productive, and nurturing environment for our children.

Mission Statement

4Schoolers applies the sharing economy principles as it offers busy families with a solid support system for their children. Our mission is to enable the young generation to realize its full potential and grow as confident and well-rounded individuals. To deliver on that commitment we fulfill the families’ needs, during their ever demanding daily lives, by providing a safe network of trustworthy and caring professionals: drivers, teachers, and babysitters through the hectic after school hours.

At the same time 4Schoolers opens up new opportunities and increases earning potential for stay-home moms, caregivers, babysitters and other professionals. The providers within the 4Schoolers network will not only enjoy family friendly working environment but will have access to free services for their own children. We strongly believe that learning to share will help us become more open and connected community.

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