Our team

Sophia Vaulina, M.A. <i>Co-CEO & Co-Founder</i>

Sophia Vaulina, M.A. Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Irina Jitormirskaia, Ph.D., M.Ed.<i>Co-CEO & Co-Founder</i>

Irina Jitormirskaia, Ph.D., M.Ed.Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Antoni Ansarov, M.S. <i>Chief Technology Officer</i>

Antoni Ansarov, M.S. Chief Technology Officer

Pierreport Johnson III, M.A. <i>VP of Business Development</i>

Pierreport Johnson III, M.A. VP of Business Development

Pavel Roskin, M.S.<i>IT Consultant / Physics Teacher</i>

Pavel Roskin, M.S.IT Consultant / Physics Teacher

Céline Guedj <i> General Manager / English Teacher / Academic Advisor</i>

Céline Guedj General Manager / English Teacher / Academic Advisor

Jordan Pecherer, M.B.A. <i>English Teacher / Academic Advisor</i>

Jordan Pecherer, M.B.A. English Teacher / Academic Advisor

Evgenia Eliseeva, M.S. <i>Business and Marketing Advisor</i>

Evgenia Eliseeva, M.S. Business and Marketing Advisor

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