Fatmata Jah, M.S. Academic Advisor

Fatamata Jah works as an Academic Advisor for 4Schooelrs, LLC. She currently works as an Academic Advisor at University of Massachusetts (Boston) for their University Advising Center and has been working as an advisor for 7 years.

Fatmata holds a BA/MS in Political Science and Human Resources with minors in International Relations and Women’s Studies from University of Massachusetts Boston.

Fatmata Jah is a West African native who spent her childhood in Sierra Leone. She writes,

“I came from a culture that did not believe in educating girls, hence, I was a victim of arranged marriage in spite of the fact that I desperately wanted to go to college and had a family that can afford to educate me.

“During the eight years of marriage in Monrovia Liberia, I was also relegated to being a house wife and also denied the privilege of going to college, even though I was only a walking distance from the University of Liberia, I had the opportunity of breaking away when my ex-husband announced that he was taking a second wife (which is allowed in my culture) . I immigrated to the United States where I had to work and support family who had become displaced during the civil war in Sierra Leone.

“My goal is to create or be part of projects that will help eradicate illiteracy, through creating libraries, schools, providing scholarships to those who cannot afford it, and to mentor girls in giving them the courage to take the risk that some of us did.”

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